Teeth Cleanings

For most people who go to the dentist regularly, a normal teeth cleaning is all that is needed to keep tartar and plaque at bay. During a cleaning, your dentist or hygienist will check your teeth for damage or areas that may need special attention, then begin the cleaning process. We use a safe method of cleaning that is both gentle and effective, so when you leave, your teeth will feel great and look even better!

Teeth Scaling

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a a long time, or if you accumulate plaque and tartar faster than other people, teeth scaling may be necessary. Teeth scaling is a process where the dentist will work from the top of your teeth all they way to the bottom of the pocket to remove every bit of hardened plaque. We work quickly and as gently as possible to make this process easy.

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As people age, they generally think that it’s less important to see the dentist; however as we age, it’s actually more critical that we pay attention to oral care. Preventive care is the first step that must be taken when it comes to your oral health. Even if you brush and floss every day, it’s not the same as having a professional cleaning by your family dentist.

Dental cleanings can remove tartar and plaque that a regular toothbrush cannot, which in turn leaves your mouth feeling fresh and looking great. Our goal is to inform our patients about a healthy oral maintenance routine and provide them with the information needed to keep their oral health in top condition.

We recommend that you come in to see us at least twice a year for a full cleaning and exam. During these visits, we can see the early signs of dental problems that may become big issues in the future. If we notice anything unusual, we’ll give you recommendations for proper treatment and care so your oral health will continue to be sound.

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What to Expect With Dental Cleanings

If you have never received a professional dental cleaning, or it’s been awhile, below are a few of our most frequently asked questions that can help you prepare for your next appointment.

Do I need a professional clean?

The answer to this is always yes. The reality is that there is not one person that can’t benefit from a professional dental cleaning. Even with the most spot-on dental care techniques, everyone’s mouth will still create plaque and tartar that can only be removed in the process of a professional cleaning.

These appointments also serve as a perfect time to get an update on the health of your teeth.

What can I expect at my consultation exam?

When you come in for your routine cleaning, you can expect a thorough exam of your teeth and gums. If you haven’t been to a dentist in a long time, you may receive x-rays for a more extensive overview of your oral health.

During your consultation, we’ll notify you of any areas of concern, and answer any questions that you may have. Your cleaning will then take place, during which your hygienists will remove all hardened tartar and plaque build-up on your teeth, as well a provide you with a finishing polish. We offer deep cleaning to make sure that the tooth both above and below the gum line is thoroughly clean.

If we notice anything of concern, we’ll make recommendations and schedule a follow-up appointment when necessary.

What happens after my visit?

It’s important to maintain excellent oral hygiene between your dental cleanings by flossing and brushing regularly. You may also need to drink water or use toothpaste with added fluoride to give your teeth an added layer protection.