When you need an emergency dentist in Des Plaines, call Library Plaza Dental. No matter what your emergency is, you’ll want it treated by a qualified, compassionate dentist who will work diligently to stop your pain and to make sure your problem is resolved quickly. We treat all types of emergency dental issues. To learn more about some of the emergencies we treat, keep reading.

Knocked Out Tooth

If you have a permanent tooth knocked out (as opposed to a child who forcefully loses a baby tooth), call Library Plaza Dental right away for an emergency appointment. Be sure to handle the tooth by the crown, or top, of the tooth and avoid touching the root. You can rinse the root off with water. If possible, replace the tooth in the tooth socket to keep it moist. If it is not possible to replace the tooth in the socket, wrap it in gauze and submerge it in milk. If there is additional trauma to the face or mouth, call for more details on treatment.

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Cracked Tooth

Do you have sudden, sharp pain when you bite down on something that stops when you release or you have a tooth that is suddenly sensitive to temperatures? It could be that you have a cracked tooth. When you bite down, the pressure exerted by your jaw causes the crack to open slightly which causes the pain. Call for an emergency appointment with a Library Plaza Dentist.

Lost Filling or Crown Emergency

If you have lost a filling or crown, you may find yourself in pain as well as facing a gap in your smile, and sharp edges that threaten to cut your tongue or cheek. While this is not a life-threatening emergency, you should call Library Plaza Dental right away so we can get you on the schedule for the first available appointment. The first thing to do in these circumstances is to see if you can find the filling or crown. Keep the crown of filling in a safe place until you can see your dentist. If you are able to place the crown back in its spot, you can do that. Before you replace your crown, be sure to rinse off any debris. Additionally, you can use a bit of dental wax or denture adhesive to hold it in place until you can get to a dentist to have it reattached.

These are a few of the emergencies Library Plaza Dental treats. If you are a regular patient, need a new dentist, or perhaps are just in town and have an emergency, call us.