In our last blog, which you can read here, we went over a few of the common dental emergencies we treat here at Library Plaza Dental in Des Plaines. We are dedicated to providing the best dental care we can for our patients, and this includes the role of educating people about how to take care of their teeth so that emergencies don’t occur. Of course, not all emergencies are avoidable, but some are and these are the types we will address in this week’s blog.

Use a Mouthguard

If you participate in an activity that could lead to damage to a tooth, such as chipping or having it knocked out, one thing you can do is to use a mouthguard. Whether it is skateboarding, mountain biking, or backyard football, you can’t be too careful! Organized sports require mouthguards for a reason: they save teeth!  You can get mouthguards at the drugstore and those will work in a pinch, but for the best protection, a custom mouthguard should be made. A custom mouthguard will fit better, be more comfortable, and protect your teeth better than ones bought at a drugstore, boiled at home and merely bitten to create the fit.



Teeth are for Eating!

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it needs to be repeated. We still see patients that have chipped or cracked their teeth in the process of using their teeth as a tool. Don’t open a pill packet or a pop bottle, bite through the plastic tag on a new shirt, open that last tempting pistachio nut, the coating on a wire, or any of the other things that people use their teeth for when you can easily grab a tool instead. Your teeth are not your portable Swiss army knife! Teeth should also not be used to get your tension out through habits like chewing on pencils or fingernails.
We know that things happen and old habits are hard to break, but we hope these tips are at least a good reminder to think of the next time you are tempted to do dangerous activity or to use your teeth like pliers. If you have a dental emergency, call Library Plaza Dental.