Laurie was a mom on a mission. Every day of the week, she succeeded in giving her kids a nutritious breakfast, dropping them off at school on time, and getting to work, where she was the dependable one at the office. When something needed to be done, she owned the project and saw it through to completion, on schedule, every time. Her commitment to thoughtful, high-quality work had earned her a couple of promotions already, and as she gained responsibility in the company, she had to become more and more efficient and innovative in order to juggle all the balls she had in the air. Then, as soon as 5:00 hit, she was also able to be fully present at home, asking her kids about their day at school, preparing them a healthy dinner, and helping them with their homework.

But when it came to getting her regular dental checkups, the combination of Laurie’s full schedule and normal dental clinic hours just didn’t mesh. Try as she might, Laurie just couldn’t solve the logistical puzzle of getting time to go to the dentist, and anyway, her teeth usually felt fine, so she justified putting off her appointment again and again. In the back of her mind, she knew this wasn’t a good idea, but she just couldn’t find an effective way to make it to an appointment.

The answer for Laurie is to find a dentist who is open on Saturdays. Not many dentists offer Saturday hours, but the few who do understand that when you’re working Monday through Friday, you don’t always have the luxury of rearranging your schedule in order to take the time to get needed dental work done.

Library Plaza Dental is committed to the dental success of all our patients, even the ones who are working during the week. Call our Des Plaines dental clinic now to ask about scheduling a Saturday appointment.