If there’s one common public misconception that we’d like to dispel for our customers in the Des Plaines and Mount Prospect areas, it’s that the dentist is probably going to give you a Novocain injection during a treatment that requires the use of anesthetic or painkillers.

Novocain was once so commonly used as an anesthetic in dental procedures that it has lodged in the public imagination as practically synonymous with dental treatment. Therefore, our staff is likely to hear many variations of comments related to this expectation that we will be using Novocain during your visit.

“Let me warn you that I’m allergic to Novocain.”
“Now’s the time I’m going to get my Novocain shot, isn’t it?”
“Will I be receiving Novocain during my treatment?”

Well, no, actually, you won’t be receiving Novocain during your dental visit at Library Plaza Dental. Most dentists have moved away from the standard use of Novocain and haven’t used it for years. This is because other drugs, such as Lidocaine, have been developed that are more effective, safer, and less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Novocain’s allergic reaction potential is higher than other nerve blocking painkillers. Its side effects may include swelling, respiratory issues (trouble breathing), and central nervous system problems such as nervousness, dizziness, blurred vision, or tremors). Novocain has proved to be toxic to enough people’s systems that dentists have moved away from using it. This is not a recent change in dentistry. In fact, most dentists stopped using Novocain in the 1980s.

Hey, at least that was better than the 1880s, when dentists used cocaine on their patients!

So whether you’re allergic to Novocain or not, we’d like to reassure you that when you come to Library Plaza Dental, we won’t be administering it to you.

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