In our last blog, we covered how, since people process visual stimuli in multiple parts in the brain, the visual appearance of something, or someone, feeds into multiple cognitive processes and effects judgement and how we interact. In this blog, we will look more closely at how a person’s smile is perceived, and how your Des Plaines cosmetic dentist can help you be better perceived and received by others.

Meaning of Smiles

Smiling is one of the most basic ways that people communicate, and it takes on various meanings in different cultures.  To learn about the meaning of different types of smiles, we turn to body language experts. According to The Tiny Book of Body Language, which is part of the body language project, there are six types of smiles, and today we will be focusing on the three types of tight-lipped smiles.

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Tight-Lipped Smile

There are three tight-lipped smiles, one with low intensity, one with high intensity, and an uneven one. The first two are closely related. The tight-lipped smile stretches the lips across the teeth but hides the teeth. A low-intensity tight-lipped smile is said to demonstrate uncertainty and lack of confidence. This is often seen as a dishonest or feigned smile. The high-intensity version, with the lips turning upward, is seen as more warm and open but still hesitant. A tight-lipped, uneven smile is interpreted as a smirk, which most people think of as signs of arrogance or smugness. It can also be taken as mysterious, as demonstrated by the century’s long fascination with the slightly crooked, tight-lipped smile of the Mona Lisa.

Cosmetic Dentistry Gives You Confidence in Your Smile

While some of this analysis may be a true reflection of the person in that circumstance, this interpretation takes for granted that the person is smiling like that because of an emotional reaction to the outside world. But what if they are smiling a closed lipped smile because they are self-conscious about their teeth? In the split second it takes for our brains to see someone and form a subconscious judgment, those types of issues don’t have time to interject themselves and change our judgement. Cosmetic Dentistry can help the way people are perceived by changing their smile to make it brighter, straighter, and replacing any missing teeth..

A Toothy Grin Shows Confidence

Almost all body language experts agree that a big smile shows joy and pleasure. There is often a distinction between a smile that shows the teeth with no involvement of the eyes, and a smile known as the Duchenne smile. This smile was categorized by the French anatomist Guillaume Duchenne, who noticed that, with some smiles, the muscles around the eyes are engaged and crinkle. He said that this type of smile “unmasks a true friend.”  This smile, that is known for showing pure pleasure and happiness and is easy for people with a great smile, but what if you are self-conscious about your smile because your teeth are crooked, stained or you are missing teeth? You can get a Duchenne smile with cosmetic dentistry. You can get a straight, white, full smile.

Being able to smile changes the way you feel about yourself and how people see and judge you. Call today for a  cosmetic dentistry consultation appointment.