With so much information about teeth whitening available on the Internet, it can be difficult to find answers to even some of the most basic questions. In this blog entry, we are going to answer the question of how often it is okay to have your teeth professionally whitened.

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Teeth Whitening Is Safe

Right away, we want to clear up a misconception about whitening your teeth that some people have. When your teeth whitening is supervised by a trained dentist, or when you follow the directions with most at-home kits, teeth whitening is safe.

To understand where the mistaken belief that whitening can damage your teeth comes from, it is a good idea to understand the structure of your teeth and how they repair themselves. Your teeth, though very hard and very strong, are porous, which means that they absorb things. This is why your teeth become discolored in the first place.certain elements of foods and drinks can penetrate the protective layer of your tooth and are absorbed into the dentin. Luckily, your teeth are incredibly resilient and they do a great job of rehardening after you eat or drink.

When you are undergoing a whitening treatment, special compounds are used to make your teeth softer in order to draw out the elements that have caused the discoloration. The process of whitening is so mild that your teeth very quickly return to their hardened, protected form while also looking much better! The Zoom whitening process is designed to minimize the amount of time that your teeth are more porous. This means that, compared with over-the-counter whitening options, you will benefit from a reduction in the time it takes to complete the treatment as well as a reduction in tooth sensitivity. in

You Can Have Your Teeth Whitened Every Year

Professional teeth whitening is very effective and long-lasting. Most people will not need to have their teeth whitened at the dentist’s office more than once per year. Because the Zoom process is so fast and effective, you may not need to have your teeth whitened for several years. If you drink a lot of coffee or red wine, or you eat certain foods, you may need whitening more often, but probably only once per year.

The Most Effective Whitening is Ongoing

If you want your teeth to stay whiter for longer, ongoing whitening is really important. When you come in for your consultation, be sure to ask us about how you can use at-home whitening kits and whitening toothpaste to make the results of the in-office treatments last even longer than they already do.

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