Des Plaines Dentistry

At Library Plaza Dental Center, we offer patients a full range of general dental services, from routine cleanings to crowns and bridges. We are dedicated to helping you maintain optimum dental health. To us, this means that your teeth look great and are healthy from the top of the crown to the tip of the root.

Keeping Teeth Clean

Dental cleanings should be done twice a year to remove plaque that regular teethbrushing doesn’t get and to check your overall dental health. We offer routine cleaning, as well as deep cleaning that ensures that the teeth under the gumline are also clean.

Fillings, Extractions and Root Canals

We routinely do fillings and, when needed, perform extractions. After an extraction, we can provide an implant,a crown, or a bridge to replace the tooth.

When you have a deep, painful toothache, you might have an infected root, this could require a root canal. In days past, this was a procedure that instilled fear in people and led them to put it off, but with modern advancements in technique, it can be no more painful than a filling.

Missing Teeth

For missing teeth, you also have a few options. Implants can be used when the bone health is a priority and there are no risk factors, such as smoking. Dentures and bridges are an affordable way to replace a series of missing teeth.

When you are looking for a dentist for general dentistry to be your partner in keeping your teeth healthy and looking great, call Library Plaza Dental Center today for an appointment.