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Thank you for choosing us to take care of you. At Library Plaza Dental Center, we pride ourselves on our ability to not only give you bright white teeth but a smile that you are proud to call your own. Dr. Sivan Patel goes out of his way to deliver exceptional oral care from your very first appointment.

From pain management techniques to preventive treatments, your dental care is taken very seriously at Library Plaza Dental Center. We believe in treating each patient like one of our own family members, putting your oral care as our main priority. Although long-term oral health is our ultimate goal, we also strive to make you comfortable in a relaxing environment that you will love coming back to time and time again. We also offer emergency dental care and offer Saturday hours to help accommodate your schedules and life emergencies.

In our practice, you’ll find amenities that are designed to make your experience with us as enjoyable as possible. From a relaxing waiting area to comfortable treatment areas, our practice was designed with your needs in mind.

Advanced Technology

Dental technology is always evolving from one procedure to the next. Whether your appointment requires anesthesia or you come in for general cleaning, we make a point to inform you of what is happening at all times so that you’re comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Staying up to date with the latest technologies allows us to better diagnose and treat your oral concerns and needs in an appropriate manner.

If you’re in search of a dentist who will put your oral health first, you can’t go wrong with Library Plaza Dental Center. If you live in Des Plaines and would like to schedule your next appointment with Dr. Sivan Patel, contact us today.


Check out some of our reviews from some of our satisfied clients.


Dr. Patel Is Very Caring

Years of bad experiences with dentists has me extremely fearful of going and caused me to put off even routine exams. After many years without dental care, I was forced to go due to breakage of one of my premolars. Dr. Patel is very caring and immediately put me at ease during my visit with him. I look forward to seeing him again in the future!!!

Scarlett B.


Everyone In The Office Is Wonderful

Everyone in the office is wonderful. We hardly waited 5 minutes before my daughter was in for her x-rays. Dr. Patel was so gentle and my 5 year old absolutely loved him. The staff are so friendly and helpful. I am telling EVERYONE I know how great he is!

Teagan M.


First Class Service

The process of setting the appointment was excellent and fast. The receptionist pulled everything she needed from the information I filled online when booking the appointment. Dr. Patel was professional, courteous, straight forward and provided solution for my follow up visits. He was patient to let me speak, understand and address my concerns accordingly. The best thing is that he did not interrupt my in the middle of my sentences. First class service and my whole family will be making our dental appointments with him moving forward.

Asgher H.